Give the children a party bag packed with awesome science experiments! The perfect end to your science party!

Each of our party themes has its own specially designed party bag to reinforce what the children have learnt. Let the fun continue at home and make some discoveries together with your children. Each science kit comes complete with our unique instruction guide and risk assessment.

Save yourself the hassle of trying to put together something with a science theme - we've already done all the hard work - so you don't have to! Simply choose the party bag theme thats right for you, add them to your booking form and we'll bring them with us on the day of your party.


Air party bags

Discover the power of air pressure! Includes finger flyer rocket, glider plane, rocket balloons, UFO launcher, balloon racing car, blow ball pipe.


Chemistry party bags

Includes a pair of goggles, plastic beaker, pipette, pH strip booklet, filter paper and popping candy!


Electric Shock party bags

Everything you need to light up a room! Includes glow bracelets, fun snaps, bubbles, diffraction glasses, light up spinner, Flash Bang Thundersticks.


How do I order Science themed party bags?
You can just add them on to you party booking form or contact us via phone or email.

When will I get the party bags?
The party bags will be prepared alongside the party kit, so your designated instructor will bring them on the day of the party.

Are the contents of the party bags guaranteed?
Unfortunately no. The contents of the party bags are subject to availability from our suppliers. In the unlikely event that something is out of stock or discontinued, then that item will be replaced with something just as good (or even better!) with a similar science theme.

Is there enough room in the party bags to put extra things in?
The party bags are small, slime green, plastic bags measuring 10" x 12" x 4" (25cm x 30cm x 10cm) so there is plenty of room to put a slice of birthday cake in too!










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