Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

How long is the science club?

Bright Sparks Science after schools clubs are a full on 60 minutes (1 hour) long and there are 6 club sessions in every course.

When will the science club start?

The clubs usually start 5 minutes after the end of the normal school day to allow children to get to the correct classroom or activity area. This is dependent on each school’s end of day or ‘home time’. The exact time is specified on the registration letter.

What day will the club run?

Every school has individual requirements and different schedules so science club fits around the school’s other extracurricular activities. The specific day the school will run the club is specified on the registration letter along with the dates allocated for the 6 week course.

How do I register my child?

If you would like your child to attend the science club then fill out tear off form on the registration letter and hand it back to your school office along with the appropriate payment. Please include any medical information which could be of importance to us whilst your child is in our care.

Can I register my child online?

In most cases there is an opportunity to register your child online – this will be individual to each school and details specified on the registration letter. *click here to register now*

What is the ideal age for the science club?

The clubs are suitable for primary school aged girls and boys, from 5 to 11 years. Every club session is uniquely tailored to each age group by the Bright Spark Scientist to ensure the best learning environment for everyone.

Does my child need to bring anything along?

No! The science kits are designed to have everything we need to run the club and in most sessions there is a ‘make-and-take’ activity for all the children to complete and take home. There is also usually enough time at the start of the club whilst the children settle in to allow them to eat a quick snack if you have provided one, but we do not recommend that children eat their on food whilst engaging in the club activities for health and safety reasons.

How many children can come to the science club?

Our classes are designed for a group of 15 – 20 pupils. We do require a minimum class size of 15 children to cover the cost of running the club however we are occasionally flexible on this number depending on the location of the school.

What happens if more than 20 children want to come to the science club?

A maximum class size of 20 children is usually adhered to in order to maintain the adult to child ratio at a suitable level and to provide a safe environment for all children. If more than 20 children have registered for the club, we will start a waiting list with the intension of running a second class if we reach over 30.

If we get 30+ responses, we will endeavour to run two clubs simultaneously with 15 to 20 children in each and where possible we will split them according to KS1 or KS2. However this is also dependant on the availability of our science instructors and you will be informed accordingly.

What happens if there are not enough children registered to run the club?

We will liaise with your school to see if we can be more flexible with the minimum class size or to extend the registration deadline date to allow more time for other children to register. However, if it is still not possible to run the club, we will inform the school and parents that we were unsuccessful this time. Any payments made will be returned in full.

Is the science club safe?

Yes, absolutely!! All these experiments have been performed for years without an incident and of course we are fully insured just in case!

Who is the scientist that will come to run the club?

Bright Spark Scientists come from a range of backgrounds, from teachers and scientists, through to actors and drama students. These varied backgrounds provide us with valuable knowledge and feedback to constantly improve our science kits with new ideas and technology as it appears. Of course each scientist has been trained to deliver your party to the highest standard to ensure every child has a unique and memorable experience and most importantly they have all been Criminal Records Bureau checked.

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